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I-9 & W-4
Streamline Completing I-9 and W-4 Forms
Simplify your onboarding process. Complete new employee forms and fully comply with federal filing requirements.
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Simplify onboarding new employees while staying compliant in 4 easy steps.
Verify the identity and employment eligibility in compliance with federal regulations of new hires, promptly and accurately — through our completely automated, paperless process.
Assign a new I-9 and W-4 to your employee
Enter your employee's email address, name and hire date to send them a secure link via email to get started filling out their forms.
Employee completes I-9 and W-4
Using our guided split screen questionnaire, employees enter their info with a preview of their forms to ensure accuracy.
Completed forms are sent back to you
You'll be emailed with a link to begin reviewing the completed forms and receive a notification of the status change in the app.
Review the W-4 and then complete their I-9 form
Your employee's I-9 and W-4 forms are displayed for your review. Complete the remaining sections to finalize them, save them, and print.

Meet Required Timelines

Timely completion of I-9 and W-4 forms is more important than you think, especially in today’s political climate. Due to the time-sensitive nature for completing these forms, we’ll send you helpful reminders and notifications to make sure they are completed within USCIS and IRS timeframes — so you can avoid any potential penalties.

Get Rid of Bulky Paper Files

Employers are required by law to retain completed I-9 and W-4 forms for a certain amount of time. However, if you’re like most businesses, your file cabinets probably don’t have the space to jam in one more form — another good reason to go paperless! Our online storage feature gives you the flexibility to store unlimited documents in one convenient central location. We’ll also notify you when it’s safe to discard forms for past employees.

Be Prepared for an Audit

The time to find out if your personnel forms are compliant is not when a federal agent shows up at your business. Thanks to built-in compliance and our convenient tracking feature, we’ve got you covered 100%! Our processes have been reviewed by ComplyRight’s labor law attorneys to ensure they follow strict government recordkeeping requirements. In the event of an audit, each form includes detailed tracking history to quickly trace all activity. We also make it easy to print out the necessary documentation for each employee.

Attendance Calendar
Take Control of Employee Attendance
Attendance Calendar makes it simple to spot troubling attendance patterns in the workplace because it’s easy-to-use like a paper calendar but backed by the benefits of software.
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Easily Identify Absenteeism Patterns
No more guessing as to when or why employee attendance (and performance) started slacking. Here’s how Attendance Calendar will help you manage absenteeism patterns in your company.
Select an employee
Each employee has a yearly and monthly attendance calendar view that makes it easy to capture and monitor patterns. You'll start by selecting the employee to see theirs.
Pick the day of the event
Click directly on the calendar day you want to mark a full or partial absence for, just as if you were making a note on a paper calendar.
Choose a reason
Pick an absence code from the drop-down list to describe the reason for the absence or tardy, or create your own. For additional detail, you have the option to record hours absent and notes.
Identify Patterns
Days with attendance issues are shaded for easy identification, revealing absenteeism patterns for the entire year.

Compliant Absence Codes for Any Reason

Taking a personal day? Serving jury duty? Nursing the family hamster back to health? Whatever the reason (or excuse), Attendance Calendar can track it. Pre-set absence codes ensure your approach is fair and consistent with all employees, as recommended by the HR experts at ComplyRight. Need additional codes or to refer to an event by a different name at your business? It’s simple to create your own.

Time Off Tracking That Won't Make You Want to Call in Sick

Time off tracking can be complicated: accruals per pay period, carry-over hours with max allowance, varying allowances by seniority or position, multiple time off banks — you need to take a personal day just to recuperate after the setup. Our idea of time off tracking is much simpler. Supervisors simply enter the number of days or hours allotted per employee and manually adjust as needed. You choose between a single paid time off (PTO) bucket or categorize time off as Vacation & Sick. There’s no setup, no doubt about how time off is calculated and no fuss.

Reliable, Paperless Recordkeeping

Ditch the bulk of paper attendance folders and binders and maintain them longer and more securely in the cloud. Easy editing ensures your records and notes won't be hopelessly smudged or illegible from cross-outs. Because only supervisors with granted permission can view or edit records, these attendance files are safer online than in a binder. Need a paper back-up or want to share your files with an employee? It’s easy with one-click printing.

Job Application
Smart Hiring Begins Before the Interview
Conveniently and legally expand your recruitment reach with three easy ways to reach potential candidates: online, by email or in print. Your state-specific job application only allows for questions prewritten by HR experts, making it impossible to ask anything that could land you in hot water.
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Expand Your Recruitment Reach Without Crossing into Illegal Territory
The Job Application Smart App from HRdirect lets you create your online employment application to collect the right information and connect with candidates. Here's how:
Start with Your State-Compliant Job Application
Your Smart App provides you with the most current job application specific to your state so you always stay in compliance.
Safely Make It Your Own
You can customize your job application by selecting optional questions pre-written by the legal and HR experts at ComplyRight.
Connect with Candidates
Generate a link to your job application or email it directly to a candidate. They can complete the application, attach files and submit.
Streamline the Next Steps in Hiring
A tracking and summary view makes it simple to stay up to date with an applicant’s status and see all submitted applications at a glance.

Ask What You Want Like an HR Expert

Beyond the required job application questions, you can include questions about skills and qualifications, educational background, references, and other information related to the position. The experts at ComplyRight have created a comprehensive database of questions that make it easy to stay in compliance while still giving you the flexibility to hire smarter — faster. You won’t need to worry if the way you've worded a question is legal or not. Just choose which pre-made questions you’d like to keep or hide on the application.

Works the Way You Do

Your Job Application Smart App makes it easier than ever for you to get applications to your candidates. From within the Job Application Smart App, you can distribute your online employment application through a variety of ways:

  • Sharing a link anywhere online
    Not web savvy or experienced with HTML? Instantly create a link to your application to share or add it to your website, company LinkedIn profile, email signature, online ad, etc.
  • Sending personalized email
    Have a candidate in mind? Email your application with a personalized message to a specific candidate right from within the Job Application Smart App.
  • Printing Paper copies
    Have frequent walk-ins? Print unlimited copies of the application to hand out or have completed when you bring someone in for an interview. It's the best of both worlds!

Confidential and Compliant

Did you know that employers are required to maintain all applications for a specified period as proof of non-discrimination? Your Job Application Smart App guides you through the proper retention and removal of rejected applications in compliance with current regulatory requirements to protect and defend your business should you face a discrimination charge.

Progressive Discipline
Your Guide to an Effective Disciplinary Program
Have smarter, more constructive conversations with your employees about their actions, and improve your documentation practices in the process. Consistently document warnings and build a progressive-discipline history, all while minimizing confusion and conflict.
Coming soon
Document and Communicate Employee Issues Easily and Fairly
Using the Employee Warning Notice as your guide, you'll be better prepared for more effective conversations with a plan to help turn the problem around. Here's how:
Select an Employee
Just click on the employee you want to issue a disciplinary warning for or quickly add a new employee to get started.
Document and Describe the Warning
Track all relevant details of the warning like date, time, type of violation, and describe the incident.
Build a Progressive Discipline History
Decide if you’re recording a Warning, Probation, Suspension, or Termination. Then, document consequences should the incident occur again.
Have a Conversation with the Employee
It's critical that you have a conversation about the issue with the employee and a witness. Then, sign off when the discussion occurred for smart recordkeeping.

Have Better Discussions About Employee Issues

Take the focus off of the person and onto the problem with an objective, regulated approach designed to support your company's highest objectives. When you’re better prepared for a difficult discussion, you’ll be more comfortable and so will your employees. Once you’ve worked through the Employee Warning Notice form, print it out and use it as your guide during the discussion for a more productive, constructive experience so you both can understand each other better and increase the likelihood of improvement.

Fair and Consistent Documentation Is Crucial

Document disciplinary or performance issues, follow-up actions, employee statement and possible consequences with a consistent process that helps ensure fair treatment for all employees. If termination is necessary, this documentation is crucial should legal disputes arise proving you discussed the issue with the employee multiple times and gave them ample opportunity to improve.

Be Smart: Bring a Witness

Discipline is a rare case in employee management where it's not best to keep it strictly confidential. An employee may refuse to sign a warning notice or deny it later anyway. That's why the legal and compliance experts at ComplyRight recommend meeting with the employee and a witness. The Employee Warning Notice leaves space to document the witness's name. Then in a legal dispute, the witness can confirm in your defense that proper disciplinary communication.

Time Off Request
Quickly Say "Yes" or "No" to Time-Off Requests
Give your employees an organized way to submit time off requests that you can’t lose track of. Then, supervisors or managers simply approve or deny. Plus, approved requests are automatically added to the employee’s Attendance Calendar.
Coming soon
Streamline Requests and Automate Approvals
With an automated tracking and documentation process, you’ll never forget or lose track of another time-off request. A streamlined, paperless workflow takes the tedious "back and forth" out of the time-off request process. Here’s how:
Give Your Employees Access
Employees are able to request time off from their first login. Grant your employees self-service, and you’re ready to go!
Employees Submit Their Time-Off Requests
Using a simple calendar format, employees choose the date range or hours they need off and add any comments or details.
You Review the Time-Off Request
Review the employee’s request history for an entire year so you can quickly and easily make the right decision.
Approve or Deny the Request
With just one click, you can approve or deny the request. This notifies the employee of your decision right away.

Avoid Confusion and Clutter

You’ll have full visibility of all approved, pending, cancelled or denied requests. You can easily avoid any misunderstandings about when a request was made and where it went from there. You can also use the process to clarify how the time off will be applied — as Paid Time Off (PTO), Vacation/Sick time or unpaid. Employees can share their preferences but you choose how the time is applied.

Employees Can Track Their Own Requests

Employees can check for themselves on the status of any time off or vacation request, whether it has been approved or denied, without having to bother you. If there’s a change of plans, they can just edit a pending request or mark it as cancelled. Plus, if you grant permissions to managers and supervisors, they can do the follow up work for their direct reports while you maintain visibility of what’s going on throughout the business.

Enforce Fair and Consistent Time-Off Policies

Collecting the same information through the same process for all employees ensures consistency and fairness in synch with your time-off policy. Plus, if an employee ever questions how time off was handled, you’ll have consistent documentation to settle any disputes.

Time Off Request & Attendance Calendar

If you also use the Attendance Calendar Smart App, all approved absences and absence coding will automatically be transferred to the employee’s calendar keeping all your records in perfect sync.

Poster Guard 1
Meet Labor Law Poster Compliance
As an employer, you face ever-changing labor regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. The Poster Guard 1 Smart App helps you maintain full compliance with these requirements through an easy-to-use online resource, focused on your company’s specific location. Poster Guard 1 also provides laminated posters to satisfy your mandatory posting requirements, shipped right to your door whenever regulations change.
Coming soon
Everything You Need to Know and Do
Getting into compliance — and staying that way — has never been easier. Here’s how it works:
All Required Federal, State and Local Posters Are Shipped Directly
Your laminated posters will be sent to you immediately to ensure full compliance with the postings for your specific location. You’ll receive email notification of shipment and can log into the Poster Guard 1 app for tracking, delivery verification and detailed posting instructions.
Constant Monitoring Whenever Labor Law Posters Change
We monitor all regulatory agencies, including more than 20,000 cities and counties. Through Poster Guard 1, you can review all posting changes related to your location — both mandatory and non-mandatory. No need to do the research, we’ve got you covered.
Ongoing Mandatory Labor Law Poster Replacements
Should any mandatory changes occur affecting your business, we’ll automatically ship you updated posters. We even guarantee your posters remain 100% compliant with all federal, state and local regulations — or we’ll pay your fine.
Mandatory Handouts for Additional Protection
In addition to postings, many agencies require employers to provide informational handouts when employees are hired, make certain requests or take other actions. You’ll receive applicable handouts through the Poster Guard 1 app, along with simple instructions on how and when to use them. Simply print and distribute them to employees as needed.

Our Labor Law Posting Experts Understand Your Business

Poster Guard 1 is backed by our in-house legal team with more than 50 years of dedicated experience understanding and protecting businesses like yours. We pay close attention to the complexities of employment law compliance and interpret the requirements to make it easier for you to comply.

Keeping Pace with Growing Regulations

Other labor law poster compliance services may not cover the full range of requirements that affect your locations, particularly at the local level. Over the past few years, local regulations have grown at a rate far outpacing changes at the state and federal level. If your city or county doesn’t require specific postings yet, it probably will soon. With Poster Guard 1, we ensure you’re always in compliance.

Delivering Exactly What You Need

As with all HRdirect Smart Apps, Poster Guard 1 is sized right for your business. We know where you operate, and we focus on the resources that apply to you. You’ll never have to wade through mountains of regulations that may or may not apply to your location, or interpret the requirements on your own.

Applicant Tracking
Don’t Let Your Five-Star Candidate Get Away
The Applicant Tracking Smart App can modernize your approach, speeding up your process and presenting a more professional image without investing tons of time or dollars. This simple web-based solution streamlines all hiring stages in a single, shared view so you and your managers can reach and recruit those five-star candidates quickly and affordably.
Coming soon
Smart Hiring Made Simple: One Stage at a Time
It’s easy for you and your hiring managers to track and collaborate on every hiring stage - or skip those that don’t fit your business — all the way through to the employee’s first day on the job. Here’s how:
Create Open Positions
First, you’ll need to create any open positions in your company to track applicants against. Any applicants not assigned to an open position will automatically be placed in a "general consideration" category.
Add Applicants
It’s quick and easy to enter an applicant’s information, including attaching relevant documents. Alternatively, if you receive applicants through the companion Job Application Smart App, no extra work is required; applicant information is available immediately.
Track the Hiring Stages
The app guides you through the appropriate stages of hiring, including Interviews, Pre-Employment Tests, Reference Checks, and more. You can assign stages to different employees so they can input ratings, track important dates or communicate directly with the applicant.
Hire the Best Candidate
Once you’ve made a decision, you can send an email to the candidate with your custom offer details. If they accept, it’s just a click to change the applicant’s status to hire which will automatically create a new employee record in your Employee Records app.

Consolidate Many Stages into a Single, Efficient Process

Tracking, organizing and evaluating many candidates for a few open positions across multiple decision-makers can be complex. Streamlining these myriad details into a single view - without being overwhelmed by it all - is crucial to your hiring success. With a single, shared activity stream, everyone can access the same workflow and information. At a glance, you can check on an applicant’s status, review progress and be prepared for the next steps. It’s a smart hiring process built to accelerate your activities and support you in making the best hiring decisions.

Get the Complete Picture with a Five-Star Rating System

Using a lot of criteria to assess individual candidates can create a confusing jumble of pluses and minuses. Our five-star rating system makes it simple for you and your managers to rate their overall perceptions with a simplified and intuitive scale. The result is a complete and coordinated way to compare candidates and find your next five-star employee.

Clear Communication Bottlenecks

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. The professionalism and timeliness you demonstrate with potential candidates can help you start off on the right foot. The Applicant Tracking Smart App features automatic notifications to inform you and your hiring managers when a stage is complete or when a task is awaiting response.

Company Policies
Easily Create and Communicate Company Policies
Getting your company's policies down in writing then in front of employees makes setting expectations much easier. But creating an employee handbook can be intimidating and time-consuming. The Company Policies Smart App helps your business create, manage and share attorney approved employment policies. Now you can effortlessly maintain the right tone at your company while improving accountability.
Coming soon
Always Up to Date, Always Accessible
The Company Policies Smart App helps companies meet the policy management challenges. Here's how it works:
Choose Prewritten Policies and Customize
Based on your state selection, we'll provide you with a library of federal and state-specific policies pre-written by our HR and legal compliance experts. Choose and customize the policies that apply to your business.
Publish One or All Policies at Any Time
After you've finalized your policies, you can notify employees to view them online — or print them out to distribute. You have the flexibility to add new policies or update a policy at any time.
Track Your Policies
Whenever you update and distribute your company policies, you can track the date they were shared and whether an employee viewed them. This helps you check that all employees have received the most up-to-date versions of your company's policies.
Respond to Emerging Trends and Concerns
When controversial issues surface, they may need to be addressed on the spot and through updates to your policies. Our HR experts monitor and add new policies as they become available.

Full Range of Policies that Reflect Your Business Priorities

Our labor law attorneys have pre-written editable templates, featuring some of the most relevant categories:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Conduct and Standards
  • Safety and Security
  • Technology
  • Time Off
  • And more

Improve Accountability with Automated Tracking

You'll enjoy peace of mind through automated tracking. At a glance, see when and which employees last viewed your policies. If you notice that your employees haven't reviewed them, it's easy to send another email to hold them accountable.

Fluid Communication for Your Modern Business

Online policies are easier to use than paper copies because you can issue a policy reminder to an individual employee just by sending them an email to review the policy online. Have employees without Internet access? You can quickly print copies to hand out, as well.

Harassment Training
Take Smart Steps Toward a Harassment-Free Workplace
With workplace harassment claims dominating the headlines, every business needs to take harassment prevention training seriously. The Harassment Training Smart App makes it simple and affordable to provide effective, attorney‑approved training for employees and managers.
Coming soon
Easily Assign, Track and Document Harassment Training
Successful harassment prevention training requires up‑to‑date information and thorough documentation. Here's how it works:
Add Your Employees
Adding employees takes just a few minutes if you're new to Smart Apps. For current customers, be sure you've granted your employees self‑service access and you are ready to go!
Choose and Assign Training Modules
Easily select from six different training modules. In just a few clicks, you can also pick which employees should complete a module. They will receive an automatic email with step‑by‑step instructions.
Administer Self-Guided or Group Training
You have the option to administer individual, self‑guided training or to host group training. To complete each training module, assignees must answer a few multiple‑choice review questions. Correct responses are acknowledged right away, and incorrect ones include explanation.
Track Completion Dates
Easily monitor and track which employees completed training and when. A simple, at‑a‑glance grid shows training status and the completion date. This provides solid documentation that you've done your part to conduct prevention training.

Attorney‑Approved Training You Can Trust

It's important to deliver a clear message that your business is a welcoming, harassment‑free environment. Training plays a key role with this. Accompanied by audio and visuals, each training module is 15‑20 minutes. Employees and managers will learn how to recognize and successfully navigate difficult situations through six modules:

  • Understanding Harassment
  • Examples of Prohibited Harassment
  • Special Considerations for Sexual Harassment
  • Your Responsibility and Reporting
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Additional Manager Obligations

Protect Your Business with Effortless Recordkeeping

While you can't control all your employees' actions, you can protect your small business with proper documentation and compliance measures. Should new compliance regulations impact your business in the future, you'll be notified when the content is updated so you can communicate new training requirements to your team.

Cover Your Bases Without the Time Investment

Choose which format works best for your business: self‑paced individual training that can be completed anywhere, any time or traditional group training. Regardless of the format, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. Administration and documentation is easy and automated, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

safety training app icon
Safety Training
Workplace Safety Starts with Accident-Prevention Training
Creating a culture of safety requires consistent and thorough training. The Safety Training Smart App can help you avoid being a part of the millions of workplace injuries yearly. Reduce workplace accident risk and potential liability with this attorney-developed tool.
Coming soon
Easily Assign, Track and Document Safety Training
Educate your employees and reinforce sound safety procedures with minimum effort. Here's how it works:
Add Your Employees
If you are new to Smart Apps getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes. Current customers can save time by granting employees self-service access. A few clicks and you're ready to go.
Choose and Assign Training Modules
You have different training modules options for each employee. Simply select the appropriate modules for each employee, and they will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to complete the module.
Administer Self-Guided or Group Training
Whether you chose individual or group training, every employee is exposed to the same material. Participants review modules together or individually and are required to answer true or false questions upon completion. Correct responses are acknowledged, while incorrect ones include explanation to facilitate understanding.
Track Completion Dates
The at-a-glance grid within the app tracks training status and completion dates, confirming you conducted appropriate safety training that will maximize awareness and prevention.

Teach Employees the Essentials of Safety

One of the strongest messages you can send employees is that you care about their safety at work. Regular training and discussions about safety, will help employees understand your commitment to them. The Safety Training Smart App provides training in a variety of areas to protect your business:

  • Forklift Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • GHS Hazard Communication
  • Lockout/Tagout

Protecting Your Business Has Never Been Easier

Business insurance premiums are constantly on the rise. One way to prevent unexpected increases is to reduce accident rates and, therefore, employee claims. Documented accident-rate reduction and demonstrated safety compliance can help you reduce premiums.

Meet Your Industry-Specific Workplace Safety Obligations

The best way to reduce Workers Comp injuries and claims is to educate your employees. Regardless of your industry the Safety Training Smart App keeps you up to date with OSHA requirements and safety training laws. This simple to use app helps to understand when refresher, retraining or annual training is needed.

Schedule Publisher
Maximize Efficiency with Online Employee Scheduling
If you currently use a paper scheduling system, you understand the challenges presented by employees forgetting about their shifts, organizing employee availability and employee-supervisor miscommunication — you're usually back to square one. This web-based app allows you to plan and publish weekly schedules as well as set employee availability and then notify employees via email with their shifts.
Coming soon
Easily Manage Schedules from One Easy-to-Use Calendar
The user interface in the Schedule Publisher Smart App is intuitive, allowing you to easily create, disseminate and revise schedules.
Add Your Employees
If you're new to Smart Apps, it's a simple process with clearly defined fields to guide you. If you're already using Smart Apps, the Schedule Publisher is seamlessly integrated, so all you need to do is select from your existing employee list. Make sure you include employee emails in the Employee Records Smart App and provide employees with permission in Schedule Publisher to view the schedule.
Create Shift Labels
Set up the app with predefined shift labels used in your business. You choose a label description and select a color for each label so you can easily identify it on the schedule.
Create and Publish Schedules
Easily begin adding shifts by selecting a newly created shift label, the date and time, and employees working that shift. After finalizing schedules, you can publish each week and choose to notify employees of their shifts via e-mail.
Save Time
You no longer have to discuss schedules with individual employees. Employees have the ability to view their schedules online without calling into work.

Say Goodbye to Inefficiency

Paper systems have a tendency to create more work for schedule managers. Constant communication with employees is required to ensure all shifts are filled based on need and availability. Schedule Publisher makes scheduling snafus a thing of the past. The app lets you set employee availability, max hours and what shift each employee is assigned to. This at-a-glance approach makes it easy to review availability for all employees in a matter of minutes.

Engage Employees to Increase Accountability

When employees know they are included in the schedule-making process, their accountability increases. No longer is it someone else's responsibility to "fix" the schedule. The onus is on them in the event they are scheduled on a day they didn't expect to work, especially if they didn't communicate it in the first place. If you purchased and are using the Time Off Request Smart App, too, it's up to the employee to make the request in a timely manner so it can be approved and documented before schedules are created. Using a system that makes scheduling easier for all parties means you'll decrease the chances of last-second surprises.

Clear Communication is Best

Employees are never happy when they drop by to pick up schedules and discover they have been assigned a shift they didn't expect. This usually is accompanied by a display of frustration that anyone working that day may witness. With the Schedule Publisher Smart App, employees no longer have to call in or drop by to pick up their schedules, something they'll very much appreciate. In the event there is a conflict, they won't be voicing their displeasure in front of staff. And since employees can see the schedule for the entire staff, they can check with co-workers before contacting you to locate someone to cover a shift.


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